Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to provide to Pathway Plus to verify if my insurance covers the Abbott Nutrition product that was recommended by my healthcare provider?

Please refer to the enrollment forms for this information.

How do I verify healthcare coverage for Abbott Nutrition products?

Either ask your healthcare provider to complete the Pathway Plus enrollment form for the product that pertains to you and fax to 855-752-9885, or follow these instructions:

  • Download and print the Enrollment Form (can be found on the Patient Resources page)

  • Complete sections 1 and 2 of the form and sign and date the Patient Certification Statement

  • Have your healthcare provider complete the remaining sections and fax the completed form to 855-752-9885

How much does Abbott Nutrition’s Pathway Plus program cost?

Coverage support is provided at no cost to patients and healthcare providers who use the program.

What are the hours of operation and contact information for Pathway Plus?

  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm EST

  • Phone Number: 855-217-0698

  • Fax: 855-752-9885

Do I need a prescription from my healthcare provider to get my Abbott Nutrition product covered by my insurance?

Abbott Nutrition products are not drugs and do not require a prescription. However, many insurance plans require a prescription or written doctor’s order in order to consider covering the product.  

If my insurance plan denies a claim for the Abbott Nutrition product recommended by my healthcare professional, can Pathway Plus or the Patient Assistance Program help?

Pathway Plus can provide appeal process research and support by calling your insurance plan to determine if there is an appeal process available in the case of a denied claim. If so, Pathway Plus will explain the next steps with you and work with your healthcare provider’s office to assist in tracking appeals once submitted. If you have no insurance coverage or access to alternative sources of coverage for Abbott Nutrition products and you meet the Patient Assistance Program eligibility criteria, you may qualify for Abbott Nutrition’s Patient Assistance Program.